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Large Animal Veterinarian Service

 Bob Rednour  

Large Animal Veterinary Services was established in 1995 by Dr. Bob Rednour. It is a primary care veterinary hospital located in Youngsville, North Carolina.  They provide medical care to horses, cattle, goats, llamas, and sheep.  Their services include ambulatory farm calls, hospital appointments, hospitalization, breeding services, and minor surgical procedures.   

Dr. Rednour is a member of several associations including the American Association of Equine Practitioners and the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association. 

Barn Farriers

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Speciality Care



Dancing Horse
Equine Sports Massage Therapy

Harriet Ling, LMBT
(919)304-5392  Cell (919)215-2116

Horses have taught me much over the years, and I'm delighted to have found a way to give something back. A kind and gentle touch has helped me through most difficult situations I've encountered with horses; it's what comes naturally when introducing myself to frightened newborns, with their innate mistrust given them as a survival tool. It's what has worked best when trying to load nervous horses onto trailers. It's what kept me safe when training high-strung Thoroughbreds and starting 2-year-olds under saddle. Through massage therapy, I'm able to take that kind and gentle touch a step further, and the results are phenomenal!