Clothing for a Cause


Helping Human & Canine Hearts and Souls

Put simply Aussie Dog is a Custom Trademark Designed Clothing Line. Creating and Offering Custom Designed Mild 2 Wild Graphics on the most worn wearables to support a mission.

Outerwear; Featuring;

  • Tees, Sweatshirts & Pants, Hoodies, Caps & Beanies.

Swimwear Featuring;

  • Trunks, & Jammers, for men and boys.

  • All Categories of swimwear for women & girls.

Beach Accessories;

  • Towels, Bags, Mats & Boards.

Sportswear; Fitness, & Jersey wear


The Mission

A Vision, A Heart of Hope

Helping Human & Canine Hearts and Souls

   The purpose of Aussie Dog is to create a place for full lifetime retirement, rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming if possible, out of true loving care for man’s best friend. Our dogs. We all know we can’t save all unwanted and abused canines. We can save and help as many as we truly try too. There is nothing that pulls on my heart as hard as the eyes of the abused and unloved, not just canines, this includes people. Aussie Dog is as much for people young and old as it is for dogs.

   There are too many people; down, hurting, troubled, hopeless, and challenged to a point where the, I Give Up, kills the hope of life. All Life, be it Animals or Man can have their spirit broken. I have seen it in people and horses and dogs and other animals. I, have been broken before, so I do relate to people and to animals when the light in their eyes (Their Spirit) has grown dim.

   Aussie Dog's Mission through the sales of our products, Is to rekindle The Spirit of Life for Man and Dog, for them to experience life and love once again. Aussie Dog at present is a new birthed vision in the beginning stages and processes to accomplish amazing results.We are just beginning, and are in the processes of our non-profit application, clothing designs and templates, policies and procedures and all the unseen requirements of what it takes to start a new organization. Aussie Dog, will truly make a difference for people and dogs in need. What it takes to have these kinds of operations come to life and live, is support in the way of sponsorships, member ships, and support of tradesmen and women to accomplish this large scale operation. I can only bring this vision and mission to reality by people with the interest and passion of this belief, and by selling my designed products, and taking those profits, along with memberships and donations, to finance the mission. This is just the reality of how and what all non - profits do and struggle with. I ask you to help us, hopefully you see something you or someone you know will like and purchase to help us have this happen.

Why and How Aussie Dog?

    For a Rescue, Retirement, Rehabilitation Facility of this Scale and Type.

It Requires Space.

   To be direct, farm land, for the open space and without neighborhood covenants and similar restrictions, that would prevent this type of facility from being. I am coming to you all with a humbled heart, seeking help to accomplish a vision and a mission. We have heard it said, there’s power in numbers. That is what I am seeking from you. Numbers, Great numbers of people joining together with me to save an old family farm. A farm, where so many lives have been shaped, and taught, and some literally saved. To be able to keep an old family farm for refuge for Adults, Kids, Dogs, and Horses. To keep an old family farm from being sold to big developers that destroy countryside’s and leave shredded lives’ and relationships in their wake, for money.

   It is Natural, Human Nature, when one hears a call or scream, Help, all around stop in place and go to help. I am calling Help. In short this farm that was home to my father in laws, mother and father, and then Him and my mother, and now myself, is being put on the market to be sold, by relatively recent new owners. It’s a long story that goes way back to my father in law, trusting a family member in a business deal, and because of greed, my father in law was forced to sell the farm, to pay a swindler.

   That was the past and now I am trying to save this farm for a future home of The Aussie Dog Mission, The Healing Farm Foundation, and for the people here now, the animals here now, the people to come, the unwanted canines to come and a land I call home.

So to save the farm, I have to buy it, and I can’t alone. The First Step, for Aussie Dog’s Mission to Live, is to acquire the farm, which is the feat. I know we together can overcome this feat. With that done, the rest will be work but it is work that doesn’t require miracles, just a passion for people and animals and sweat. The farm is 242 acres of beautiful countryside with creeks and streams, deer, and turkey. Horses and their owners speckle the fields from far-off. Kids laughter travels the wind and their smiles are etched in my mind. I carry this weight more so for them than for myself. The job I have done for years and years has been to keep it going, to care for the people, the animals, and the land. There is no fancy trucks, there’s been no vacations, no splurges of life and everyone on this farm could testify to that truth of me. It’s who I am, a helper, a giver, a provider of care. Help me save this farm.

So How Do We Do It?

   Aussie Dog needs big numbers of people with small amounts of moneys. That’s how we do it.

Would you buy someone a 10 dollar lunch once in your lifetime? I know you would. I know you have. Math is easy and money in numbers is easy too.


What I, Aussie Dog and Save The Farm and Heal The Hearts / The Healing Farm Foundation need from you,...

Is For You,…. and for you to reach out to All Your Friends, Family, Coworkers, Social media clicks, Groups, Everyone Everywhere and Convince them to join in on this vision and mission. The acre price of the farm is in closed conversations of the owners and the land broker at present. Price is going to be in the areas of 14,000 per acre. To gather that kind of money we need 200000 - 400000 + people, to either donate a one time 10 to 20 dollars or if you so desire more, or buy something from Aussie Dog or Country Life Living so gather the funds to purchase the farm and the Aussie Dog Vision and Mission begin. If we fail to gather the amount needed to purchase the this farmland, or run out of time and the farm is sold, I will seek out other farm land to build the facility and organization.   

Our First Step is the Land

We can do this quick, it can be done. Once we accomplish this. With this amount of people in the loop. Our trademark and brand will be out there and known and we should be self-supportive from continuous sales of good and services here on the farm with Aussie Dog.

Country Life Living is a little business I started March of 2019 making crafts and raising Australian Shepherds hoping to earn enough to buy the farm back. I just recently started Aussie Dog and designed a trademark to sell outerwear clothing to raise more money. Both business are just starting and I have been trying to do this alone. Time is passing faster than we are growing. With you help we together can surpass time, Have the business established, and become self-sufficient and accomplish the mission.

I know many will think this is impossible, however it amazes me in this political time we are in, the people running for office can raise 20-30 million dollars inside of 3 days. It’s because thousands of people get involved and give or buy. It is truly amazing to see that kind of mind and heart coming together for a believed cause. If they can do that we can do that.

In closing, I would say I could go on and on, tell many stories, give many witnesses of who I am as a man. I hope my words have touched your heart, and I hope you believe what we can do with this mission together.

Thank you for going this far.

Future Home and Location

The Healing Farm; 1578 Pocomoke Rd. Franklinton NC 27525.

242 Rolling Acres - Forest, Pastures, Creeks, Streams. Hawks, Turkey, Duck, Geese, Deer,

and other Flourishing Wildlife


Members are important and needed to do the work we are doing. We also need the public as well so spread the word and the mission of Aussie Dog. We desire members from all over the country, so do what you do; Socialize it for us Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, YouTube, etc.… We at Aussie Dog want the vision and mission to become reality. We have land to buy and buildings to build, we have fences to put up and vet center to build and vet technicians to employ. We will need caretakers for the animals and office positions filled. We have grounds equipment to buy, playgrounds to create and labor jobs needed to be filled. We also are needing to build our own screen printing establishment for our own printing needs, and will need printers, designers, web techs, and IT techs.  We  are hoping to build or buy, 5 tiny homes for those  who need the helping hand to begin a new life and need a lift up to get started. It’s a big mission, because it has to be. We will be saving Hearts, Minds, Souls and Spirits of People and Canines. Remember Our Mission Statement.  Aussie Dog ‘’Clothing for a Cause ‘’ Helping Human and Canine Hearts and Souls.

Thank You for Becoming a Member of Aussie Dog

Aussie Dog’s Three Stage Vision

Stage 1

  • First Step – The Purchase - 242 acres of land for the security of stability  for generations to come to accomplish the mission.

  • Second Step - New full perimeter fencing - For the safety and security of the establishment and the safety and security for the canines

  • Third Step - The Vet Care Center and Kennels - Complete Care Center for the health and rehabilitation of the rescued and unwanted canines. Complete with kennels and grounds. Hiring Veterinarian and Vet Techs, Caretakers, Trainers and Groomers. Also will be receiving applications for volunteers. Background checks are processed on all personnel and volunteers for the security, safety, and well being of the establishment, the animals and the mission. We also will be offering services to the public in financial distress cases whose dog needs; Emergency care, Shots or General care, Spaying or Neutering.

  • Fourth Step - Storage Facility - For all inventory, supplies and equipment

  • Fifth Step - Cemetery ‘’The Peaceful Sleep’’ 2 acres with solitude and picnic tables, fountains, garden ponds. Tiny home with sitting area and small kitchen and porch, swing and other amenities.

  • Sixth Step - Aussie Dog Offices - Aussie Dog Jobs and Internships; Printers, IT Techs, Web Techs, Social Media Techs, Grounds Techs, Marketing Techs, Accounting and Bookkeeping,       Tour Guides, Maintenance Techs.


 Stage 2

  • Aussie Dog Craft and Treats Country Store

  • Aussie Dog Print Shop

  • Jump for Joy  - Playgrounds and lounge 2 5 acre fields for rescue and retirement canines at Aussie Dog

  • Splash and Dash - Wading and Swimming pools

  Stage 3

  • Aussie Dog Park -  1- 5 acre field Public dog park grounds with all canine amenities, concessions for families and playgrounds and lounge games for kids

  • Aussie Dog Family Field Days Back Again

  • Fun & Games - Relay races, Tug a war, Kids roller bat, Put-put, Field goal kick, Roll the round bail relay, Three legged race, Wheelbarrow ride relay, Tie-dye the T, and many more.

  • Pony Rides

  • Kids Crafts – Workshops, Hay rides, Family/Farm & Dog Photos



Fall & Winter Hours of Operation

Mon - Sun 8AM - 6PM

Spring & Summer Hours of Operation Mon - Sun 8AM - 9PM 

1578 Pocomoke Rd.

Franklinton, NC 27525


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