A Great Idea, in today’s time when the cost of everything constantly going up. Sometimes we all must stop and rethink our budgets; in our business lives, and personal lives. When those tough decisions come calling, or when you just want to manage your finances better, the last thing we want to do is downsize. So, what’s the answer?


   More and more today were starting to see all areas of community sharing coming into play. You know it’s just smart, If I can figure a way to pay less and get the same product or service, I save money and come out better throughout the month.

Think about it, what was the first thing that came to mind when you think about a type of community sharing system of getting somewhere that most all of us has participated in?......... Carpool! Yes carpooling. People local going to the same place or event got together, shared the ride and shared the cost. It was cheaper for everybody and everybody went to where they needed to go and was a system we repeated. No, it’s not socialism and no one was calling it socialism, because it’s not.

There is now community sharing in pretty much every area of service and products today.

Some main ones are;

  • Transportation with Uber and Lyft

  • Healthcare with Medishare

  • Online stores like – Wish and others

  • Some Blockchain systems

  • Gardening with Multi-family garden plots

  • Legal representation systems

The list is endless when you stop to think about it. Why? Because we all want the biggest bang for our buck. This brings me to my business. Horse Boarding. So, let me share this with you. I have put together and added a new boarding package to offer Horse lovers. For people with horses the # 1 priority is having a nice, safe, peaceful, place for your horse or horses, one that offers a standard of what you and your horse needs and doesn’t break the bank. It’s not a fun thing to have your horse and all your money go into paying for a place for your horse to stay. If you are unable to buy your own farm, then boarding is the only choice left. That also doesn’t mean you enjoy paying 300.00 – 1200.00 + a month for a facility to keep your horse. Ok, so I am not talking about million dollar show barn facilities.

Chances are if you are at a facility like that, the cost isn’t really on your mind. I am speaking about the standard farm type horse boarding facilities whereas, you desire nice big open pastures with plenty of mixed grasses, some forest for natural shade and protection, trails to ride at your leisure and see a herd of turkeys in the distant along with the deer, beautiful landscapes as if you’re out on the open range, some creeks to water your horse on the ride, the sounds of the birds and breeze, and quietness, hearing some distant chickens in the background cocka-doodleing, and  from time to time some hawks calling.

It all just speaks the farm life doesn’t it? I think you are with me now. A real-life natural environment like back in the good ole days. Yes, A real horse farm with just what you really need and just want you only want to pay for. You think Yea, where is that place at ?  Country Life Living Farm.

So Welcome To, Community Horse Boarding.

Some would call it self care boarding, but it’s a little different.

Community Boarding is just like standard pasture boarding, however the difference is the few responsibility’s the group of horse owners handle themselves. (The Community) that are in that particular pasture, they together take the number of horses each one has and divide the costs of the herd’s need.

So, example; You have ten horses with ten separate owners. This is per month.

  • Salt Blocks – 12.00 

  • Round Bale Hay – (Late fall to Early spring) 4 round bales @ 50.00 - for 1 bale per week for the herd = 200.00

  • Total – 212.00 and that covers 1 month

  • 212/10 = 21.20 is each horses cost. The community leader collects the 21.20 from each owner, goes and purchases the salt and hay, brings it back to the farm, puts it in the pasture as the group decides and that’s it. That bypasses the Boarding facility providing these things and saves you money.

  • Most all boarding facilities will not allow or even consider letting this happen. What most boarding facilities do with their boarding packages, is take all the needs and requirements ; labor and expenses to do business, and all the needs of the horses and the owners, figure out the total costs, and don’t forget the mark up, because you have to have a markup for a profit and then divide it out per unit ( horse ) and there is your price for whatever package you have.

  • Usually that cost on the cheapest packages is around 275.00 + a month, up to 450 – 650 on the higher services packages.

Community Boarding Is Much Cheaper; 

  • For The Border

  • For The Facility

  • So, how much is community boarding per month at Country Live Living Farm?

  • 125.00 per month with 6-month minimum contract, our standard contract of 1st month and last month paid at time horse arrives is required. The standard rules and regulations of the farm apply.

  • It takes 5 horses minimum to start a community package and maxis out at 16 horses.

  So, what are the responsibilities for the owners in the community boarding package at Country Life Living Farm;

  • Providing Own Salt – Mineral and White – If and when needed

  • Providing Own Hay – If and when needed

  • Providing Minor Pasture Upkeep – When needed (This would consist of clipping pasture twice a year or hire it out to

  • Country Life.)

  • That is the community’s part

Here is the best part, You the community decide. Again, the group gets together and makes the decision as a whole and splits the costs. This system also comes in handy because everybody helps look after each other’s horses. You build relationships and confidence knowing it’s not just the facility looking out for your horse, it’s the whole community group in that pasture as well.


Ok, so what is Country Life Living Farm's part?

Country Life's Part;

  • Keeping the fences maintained

  • Keeping the water tanks clean and filled with daily fresh water

  • Keeping the farm nice and clean for you.

  • Keeping the trails open and ride ‘able.

Ok, so what if I was in community boarding and then didn’t like it? No worries, Country Life still has our regular boarding packages, any for you to choose from. Give us a call or come by and see us at Country Life Living Farm.This addresses the main aspects of community boarding. There are some, however very few restrictions apply.With the cost of everything in today’s time going up, the only answer is coming together as a group and overcoming.

Tell All Your Friends !

Get Your Group Together !  Save Some Money !

Have a Part  ---  Be a Part

Community Horse Boarding !

Country Life Living Farm



This is one of our community boarding pastures.

15 acres and at the end, pasture is connected to a paddock for calling your horse in and feeding if needed.

Red Hill Farm Boarding
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