Lessons range in price from $40.00 to $60.00 an hour.
Lessons are given with knowledge, enjoyment, and safety in mind. 

At Country Life Living Farm we strive to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for students.
Our Independent Instructors are enthusiastic, patient, and knowledgeable.

Contact Lauren Welt at eaglesnnest@gmail.com

Natural Horsemanship

Independent Instructors have been trained in methods of Natural Horsemanship.
 Each student is paired with a horse that will suit both their age and their abilities.
If you board a horse at Country Life Living Farm you will be able to have your lessons with your own horse.


Lessons range from an hour to two hours long.
To allow each student ample time to:

*  Bring their lesson horse in from the pasture
*  Properly groom their horse (including their feet)
*  Prepare the horse for riding by working with them on the ground
*  Ride the lesson horse if student and horse are ready
*  Release their lesson horse back into the pasture



Fall & Winter Hours of Operation

Mon - Sun 9AM - 5 PM

Spring & Summer Hours of Operation Mon - Sun 9AM - 8 PM 

1578 Pocomoke Rd.

Franklinton, NC 27525



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