Lessons range in price from $60.00 to $80.00 an hour.
Lessons are given with knowledge, enjoyment, and safety in mind. 

At Country Life Living Farm we strive to provide a safe and fun atmosphere for students.
Our Independent Instructors are enthusiastic, patient, and knowledgeable.

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Natural Horsemanship

Independent Instructors have been trained in methods of Natural Horsemanship.
 Each student is paired with a horse that will suit both their age and their abilities.
If you board a horse at Country Life Living Farm you will be able to have your lessons with your own horse.

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Lessons range from an hour to two hours long.
To allow each student ample time to:

*  Bring their lesson horse in from the pasture
*  Properly groom their horse (including their feet)
*  Prepare the horse for riding by working with them on the ground
*  Ride the lesson horse if student and horse are ready
*  Release their lesson horse back into the pasture

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