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What Is Country Life Living?

Country Life Living is a deep connection between the mind, soul, emotions and our home the earth, lived out through the body. Our five senses are the gates through which all aspects of life and nature flow through into our very being.


   For me, Love is the greatest power of all. Love of nature seems to be disappearing today in life. I have lived in all the stages in life. The farmer as a boy that tilled the soil. The tradesman as a welder.

The department head a restoration company.

   The list could go on, however There is a saying” You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy “This holds true for me. When I was a young country boy I farmed and spent all my time in nature and lived in peace, however as time passed the need and desire for wealth comes calling and so in search of wealth, we all go. I too.

As life went on, I would say I thought I was making it, however I lost something along the way.... Peace... Peace of mind, soul and emotions and my once had connection with nature.

   A time came when for the health of my soul, a complete change of life had to be taken. I took it.

For a hand full of years now I am back to where life once was with nature and peace.

I have a desire to share some of what I receive and create by working with nature with you.


   It’s very simple, all we must do is open our minds, our eyes, our ears.

Open our senses to what we have been given from God and experience true life.

In nature; The fragrance, The breeze, The color, The Sounds, So, slow down a little, ...

Life is truly short when we take and look from the end, back to the beginning.

I started this journey with this company to finish my life working with nature and peace.

I offer to you the work of my hands, my heart and my mind. My little company is just that.

I am not here to become what most seek. I am here to offer to you a little piece of that experience.

I am also here to pass on this little business to someone I love and for them to be able to work with nature and live in peace.


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