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The Rice’s.

With their new Red Merle Female named Salem.

May Salem bring great Joy, Fun, Happiness, and Comfort for many years. 


"We are over the moon with Salem. We can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to bring her into our family.

We plan to stay in contact and will come to you when we are ready for pup number two." 

Congratulations to The Giuianelli’s with their new edition to the family. 

May many happy days be unto them. Amen.

The Giulianelli's.jpg

The Roberson’s.  

‘’ The Dad of the Year ‘’.

Mr. Roberson brought the family out to the farm for a puppy for the kids.

His daughter and son picked one, however his wife must of had the Aussie Magnetism going on because one of the other pups just took to her

and it happened, The Aussie Love,.. Struck.

So, during the time of a week until the puppies could go to their new home

Mr. Roberson  contacted me and wanted to surprise his wife with the puppy that followed her all around. Needless to say when they came to pick up the new family members, It was a great day. This is a great Dad. 























Michael Roberson Recommends Country Life Living.

October 23, 2019


   Van Reynolds, owner of Country Life living and Kennels, is a first class gentleman who runs a first class operation. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a healthy and beautiful Australian Sheppard puppy. From the first time my wife and I spoke with him, we could tell that we were at the right place for a beautiful 4 legged Aussie puppy to join our family. Van raises stunning Australian Shepard’s on a scenic and charming farm, not for the money, but for the relationships and new friendships he develops with his clients. It is also a horse farm with horses, chickens, roosters, and many other animals. Our 5 year old twins had a blast “visiting the farm” and “experiencing the farm”.

   Van is a Christian man and a awesome witness to God. He creates a solid sales relationship from start to finish, both before and after the sale. He is very knowledgeable and reachable at anytime. He gave us all the necessary and certified paperwork with all shots up to date. Both puppies were squeaky clean and blow dried to a teddy bear like fluffiness. Both puppies were 70% house trained/broken. We have had very little potty accidents due to Vans training. Van gave us a care package with food, a collar, a leash, puppy food, and a bag of powdered milk with instructions on what to do if the puppy gets homesick and will not eat when you first take them home.

I highly recommend Van and County Life Kennels. We were so impressed with him and his operation that we ended up leaving with 2 beautiful Aussies, not 1, as planned. Sadie and Murphy have stolen our hearts. Thank you so much, Van Reynolds! If you ever need a recommendation or a testimonial, please send your client my way.

Congratulations to The Barrett’s, with their new Red Merle Female.

The Barrett’s drove down from Douglas, Massachusetts to pick up their new puppy.

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